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“I suppose I could have pleaded temporary insanity in court. The judge might have believed me—she may have even sympathized with me. But I didn’t do that. I might have, had there not been a curve ball to my crime.”


After catching her boyfriend cheating, Emily reacts badly and gets arrested. She’s sentenced to help a police officer teach at risk kids how to skate. Problem? Emily can’t skate. This leads her to take lessons from a friend of a friend to prep. Hockey enforcer Michael, otherwise known as The Goon, is not what she expected. He’s patient, charming and someone she could easily become friends with. So, when she discovers the girl he’s dating is the same girl her ex was cheating with, she’s left with the task of telling Michael. Their connection bonds them. But being each other’s rebound isn’t a good way to start a relationship. And if that were their only problem they might have a shot, but there’s more to their stories than meets the eye.


The Goon is a full length contemporary romance novel with a HEA. Although part of a series, it may be read as a standalone novel.

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