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Just when real estate agent Molly thinks she's about to get her happily ever after, she catches her fiancé kissing her sister on their wedding day. Determined to get over her crushing heartbreak, Molly has a one-night stand with a professional boxer who pops in and out of her life when she least expects it--or wants it. She's not interested in anything more, but when he hires her to help him buy a house, she agrees. Her sales are terrible, and her job is in jeopardy.


To Molly's surprise, the more time she spends with him, the more she looks forward to it. She enjoys their playful banter and how easy it is for her to be herself aorund him. Plus, he's pretty darn easy on the eyes.


Her mother is determined to push her back into the arms of her cheating ex, but forgiving Jason is the hardest thing Molly has ever had to do. And even she's able to forgive him, does her happily ever after include her ex-fiancé or the charming boxer with the shady past?


Beautiful and Broken is a revised edition of the 2014 novel of the same name. The book is newly edited with over 15,000 words of additional content.

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