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Tate Donovan is an emotionally unavailable varsity swimmer who’s burned through so many women in college that they’ve dedicated a website to him—The Tater Haters. When Tate finds out about the site, he’s struck with guilt. Not enough to stop sleeping around, but enough to ask a one-night stand to become his regular friend with benefits, only the woman he asks isn’t exactly a friend…

“Think of it this way… You’d be doing the women in this world—at least the women I have access to—a favor. You’d be the champion for the Tater Haters.”

Marla Robertson is a hacker who keeps everyone at an arm’s length, though she’s lonely and wants to connect. She’s always found people will disappoint you if let yourself get close enough to them. When Tate Donovan walks into her life, she’s struck by how easy it is to be around him, so when he proposes sex with no strings attached, she’s fine with a relationship without complications. Only things complicate quickly when her private investigator boss asks her to look into a cheating woman who had a fling with Tate.
Both are keeping secrets and both are reluctant to share. Do they have a chance to find something in each other they haven’t found before, or will their lies and secrets keep them apart?

The Heartbreaker is a new adult, friends with benefits romance.

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